The Naked Back


A woman construes mystery in many ways, one of them is by wearing a backless cut dress. The curvaceous backside of a woman from the neck to the waist has got to be one of our most attractive body part so why would we cover it up?

The naked back can expose so much but how is it so that it reveals so little?  It is an alluring trance potion stirring up a mysterious identity. The naked back boils all the curiosity and confusion  of unanswered questions a bear attraction the eye cannot resist. It all becomes too much for the entranced… too exciting… much too sexy. 

So according to Jubber’s trend forecast (which should not be underestimated!) everything will have a little cut out from the back in the coming season. It is staying and will be even bigger and better!

So whether you want to reveal a glimpse or an entire backside, the naked back has not only become a trend, it is officially THE trend. To rock. Right now!

Lets not reveal too little now shall we… who doesn’t loves a chase for the back.

Start your backless dress hunt now!

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17 Responses to “The Naked Back”
  1. Emily says:

    Backless dresses are my absolute FAVORITE for cocktail parties, formals, nights out, etc. A great back can make or break a dress in my opinion.

  2. Cecily says:

    You´ve got a really nice way to write! are you into journalism or something?.. reading this was great! i´ve always loved backless dresses, but we have to be carefull on our picks so we don´t end up looking a little trashy with this (there´s always someone who fucks up a nice trend)..

    • jubberrs says:

      haha I totally agree with you! something cute, classy and even suttle is the way to go.
      I’m actually in PR but potato potata, we all write I guess haha-
      It’s nothing compared to a fashion designer, you’ve got my dream job girl!

  3. Miss Mary says:

    I think there is nothing sexier than an open back. Great post!!!


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